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  1. Womba Nashiwaya

    LIBRARY DISPLAY- A vital teaching tool-by Mrs Womba Nashiwaya:

    As an information worker in the polytechnic library we get the opportunity to teach our students basic information literacy or library tips. This week, a student returned a book and it ws wet all over the cover of the book.I quickly asked what happened? The young man replied” I was washing my hands inthe toilet before i came to the counter to return the book.” I told him this was a misconduct on his side, he laughed and i insisted in a calm manner that this was not a joke. I asked him to accompany me tpo the 2nd floor of the library near the internet cafe. My colleague and i had put up a display on how to handle books. I asked him to read one of the posters on how to handle books. I then asked him what he has learnt from the poster.He then realised the he shouldn’t with touch a book with wet hands etc. I felt good that in a friendly and firm manner i taught this young man an impotant lesson and told him to share this knowledge with him friends and family.

  2. Albertina Fillipus

    The internet signals are very poor at some places in the library please do something, especially at level 3 elevator side.
    Thank u for cooperation

    1. Odilo Sikopo

      Thanks for your concern. Its Unfortunate that you find it that way though enogh network points have been installed to ensure adquate availability of the Internet in the Library.

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